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  • Top 10 Valentine’s Day Inspired Pet Names Revealed!

    Posted on February 20, 2013 by in Uncategorized

    Top 10 Valentine’s Day Inspired Pet Names Revealed


    Do you think of your furry friend as your true Valentine? Did you give them a moniker to reflect the affection you have for them? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, VPI analyzed its database of more than 485,000 insured pets to find out how many pet owners opted for a romance theme when naming their furry friend.

    Below is a list of the top 10 most common romance-inspired names in VPI’s database of more than 485,000 insured pets (total number of pets sharing that name in parenthesis):

    Top 10 Romance-Inspired Pet Names
    1. Beau (715)
    2. Honey (673)
    3. Candy (236)
    4. Sweetie (218)
    5. Snuggles (150)
    6. Lovey (57)
    7. Valentine (54)
    8. Cupid (38)
    9. Rose (32)
    10. Kisses (21)

    Among the less popular, but more quirky romance-inspired pet names in the VPI database are “Hunk Heartbreaker,” “Oreo Lady Love” and “Pickles Honeyheart.” To view some of the most creative monikers selected for VPI’s Top 10 Most Unusual Pet Names of 2012, visit

    If you’re looking for a more conventional name for your pet, visit VPI’s tips for choosing the perfect pet name.

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