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  • Some Keys to Flea Control

    Posted on March 12, 2013 by in fleas, Learning

    cat flea picture

    • If you see fleas on your pet, then you may have fleas in your home too
    • To help control and prevent flea infestations, ALL DOGS & CATS in your family must be treated with a flea preventative. Some medications such as Revolution, Comfortis, and Trifexis help by killing existing fleas and break the life cycle of fleas. It takes 3 months of treating ALL animals in your house for the flea life cycle to be broken by these medications.
    • Treated pets can still pick up fleas, but new fleas will either be killed or sterilized depending upon your choice of flea preventative.
    • ANY pet going outside could pick up fleas where any untreated animals have access, which is why regular flea preventative use is so important.
    • The best method is to use your flea preventative ALL YEAR. However, if you have not been using it over the winter months you need to start in MARCH in order to successfully keep fleas under control during the summer months.

    Have questions about what flea prevention is the best option for you and your pets? Come by or call us for more specific information!

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