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  • Learning Wednesday: The Top 10 Longest Living Dog Breeds

    Posted on October 16, 2013 by in Uncategorized


    Fido forever! The Guinness World Record organization was set to give the title of “world’s oldest dog” to Max when he died in May 2013. He was three months short of turning 30 — a very impressive feat for a dog.

    Max was special for another reason: he was a dachshund, beagle and terrier mix. Why is that significant? Because Max was a mix of three of the breeds with some of the oldest recorded life spans.

    Breeds that reach 10 to 25 pounds as adults tend to live the longest, according to Dr. Jon Woodman, a small-animal vet in the Twin Cities. “Generally small breeds live longer, but it seems that doesn’t hold true for the toy sizes,” Woodman says. “I don’t think I can give you a specific reason why smaller breeds live longer, but I would suspect a lower incidence of genetically determined disease and stronger organs,” he adds.

    So without further ado, here’s a list of the longest-living dog breeds:

    1. Chihuahua
    2. Lhasa Apsos
    3. Beagles
    4. Maltese
    5. Pomeranians
    6. Boston Terriers
    7. Poodles
    8. Dachshunds
    9. Miniature Schnauzers
    10. Pugs

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