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  • Find A Bunny? Wait Before You Rescue It

    Posted on March 27, 2014 by in Learning, rabbit, rehab


    From Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary:

    baby bunnies

    It’s that time of year when we start to receive dozens and dozens of animals for rehab.

    DID YOU KNOW: A mother bunny only goes back to check on her young sometimes once every 24 hours while in the nest. She doesn’t check often because she could potentially be leading predators to her babies. If you find a nest of bunnies, the best course of action is to leave them alone. Give Mommy time to come back and take care of her babies because she is far better equipped to raise them than anybody else. If you find a nest, leave it undisturbed. If you’ve touched them, it’s ok, Mommy really doesn’t mind too much and will still take care of her babies. If a baby is deceased, remove it from the nest and leave the others. If you are uncertain if Mommy is coming back, place some unscented baby powder around the nest and check after 24 hours to see if it has been disturbed. If it has, she is returning and all is well. If it hasn’t been disturbed after 24 hours, then it is time to take action. Please contact a licensed rehab facility to care for the babies so that they have their best chance of survival.

    Noah’s Ark rehabs and releases hundreds of animals a year at our facility. Those that are injured and unable to return to the wild will live out their lives here with us. Please be responsible with wildlife and give them the best possible chance at a long, healthy life. #wildlife #rehab #bunnies #noahsark #dowhatsright

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