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  • Heartbleed Vulnerability DOES NOT Affect VetSource

    Posted on April 21, 2014 by in store

    Below is VetSource’s message regarding the Heartbleed vulnerability:

    There has been a lot of talk this past week about an Internet website vulnerability regarding OpenSSL, which is being referred to as “Heartbleed”. This is a software defect within the Open Source protocol used to create secure user connections to websites. VetSource does not use the version of OpenSSL that was impacted by this bug.

    As a result, none of VetSource’s software applications are vulnerable to the “Heartbleed” exploit.

    We just wanted to take a moment to reassure our customers, should you have or receive any questions regarding this issue.

    Read more about Heartbleed at



    Do you have questions about other websites and Heartbleed? Mashable has compiled a list that is updated with information that you can access HERE.

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