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  • Pet ID Tags

    Posted on June 21, 2014 by in cat, dog, Found, HelpingLostPets.Com, info, Lost

    Does your cat or dog wear a collar and ID tag?

    Studies show that 80 percent of pet owners believe that it’s important that their pets wear identification tags. However, only 1 in 3 owners say their pets always wear them. This can be a problem. While microchips are a good emergency measure for if the tag and collar fall off, or during travel, keeping an ID tag and collar on your pet is the easiest, cheapest and sometimes fastest way to recover your pet if they accidentally get out of the house.

    Some owners complain about the noise of tags on their indoor animals. There are circle and bone shaped plastic guards that you can get (we stock them in the clinic) to help with the sound. Accidents happen and even animals that you think will never get out, like a cat, sometimes do. In many cases, a collar and ID tag can help your pet find their way home sooner – especially if they’re in the neighborhood. Do you already have an ID tag and collar on your pet?

    • If you do, can you still read the information on the tag easily? If not, it’s time to order a new tag.
    • Is the information out of date? Time to order a new tag!

    Need to order an ID tag for your pets? We carry forms in the clinic OR you can order them through this website. This company is the same one we order from in the clinic, typically you will receive the tags by mail in 7-10 days no matter how you order them…if not sooner.

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