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  • Rimadyl Rewards Program, 2015!

    Posted on June 16, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    rimadyl bottles

    The Rimadyl Rewards Program, which rewards those who have a dog who uses Rimadyl regularly, has recently updated their point values for each size bottle. This means that each time you buy a bottle of Rimadyl, you are actually getting more money loaded onto your Rimadyl Rewards card!

    The new point system is as follows:

    Purchase these Rimadyl* bottles:Earn these points**:Points equal to:
    25mg x 30 tablets60$6.50
    25mg x 60 tablets120$13.00
    25mg x 180 tablets360$39.00
    75mg x 30 tablets70$7.75
    75mg x 60 tablets140$15.50
    75mg x 180 tablets420$46.50
    100mg x 30 tablets80$9.50
    100mg x 60 tablets160$19.00
    100mg x 180 tablets480$57.00



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