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Covington, Georgia 30014

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Services Offered

We offer the following products and services for dogs and cats:

•    Yearly Examinations (includes a physical, nail trim, anal gland expression, vaccinations, intestinal parasite test and, for dogs, heartworm testing)
•    Office Visits for Pet Problems
•    Vaccinations
•    Puppy & Kitten Visits
•    Senior Pet Examinations
•    Microchips
•    Deworming
•    X-rays
•    Heartworm Treatment
•    Euthanasia

Laboratory Services:
•    Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork
•    Feline Leukemia Tests
•    Canine Heartworm Tests
•    Parvo Tests
•    Senior Bloodwork Panels
•    Labwork for Medications

Surgical Procedures Include:
•    Spays for Females
•    Neuters for Males
•    Dentistry
•    Cat Declaws

Boarding (Pets must be up to date on ALL vaccinations that are given by a licensed veterinarian)
•    Cat Boarding
•    Dog Boarding (Dogs receive a COMPLEMENTARY BATH prior to being picked up)

Bathing and Grooming Services
•    Clipping nails
•    Anal Gland Expression
•    Cat Baths
•    Dog Baths
•    Medicated Shampoo Bath

Products Available:
•    Heartworm Prevention
•    Flea Treatment and Prevention
•    Dental Products
•    Shampoos
•    Ear Cleaners
•    Science Diet Dog & Cat Food
•    Hill’s Prescription Diet

We are also a Lupine dealer for collars and leashes that have a LIFETIME guarantee – even if chewed!

Additional Products Available through our Online Store.