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  • Canine Influenza (CIV) H3N2

    Posted on December 8, 2015 by in Canine Influenza, community, dog, info, Learning, vaccinations

    Canine Influenza (CIV) H3N2 was identified in March 2015 during the Chicago outbreak and has quickly spread across the United States. It HAS been found in the Metro Atlanta area. CIV is highly contagious – it can be spread through direct contact and droplets from sneezing and coughing from dog to dog. The droplets can […]

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  • Canine Influenza Outbreak in Chicago

    Posted on April 20, 2015 by in community, dangerous, dog, info, Learning

    Source: What is Canine Influenza virus H3N8? Canine influenza virus H3N8 causes a respiratory infection in dogs. Most dogs that develop the infection have a mild illness but some dogs develop severe signs such as pneumonia. The H3N8 strain of canine influenza was first isolated in Florida in 2004. Is there a vaccine for […]

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  • Facts About Canine Influenza (H3N8)

    Posted on April 8, 2015 by in dog, info, Learning

    Canine Influenza (H3N8) What is canine influenza? Canine influenza (dog flu) is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs. This is a disease of dogs, NOT of humans. The virus was originally a horse influenza virus which has existed for more than 40 years. In 2004, an unknown respiratory illness in dogs (initially greyhounds) was reported and […]

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    World Rabies Day 2014

    Posted on September 28, 2014 by in community, info, law, Learning, vaccinations

      Do you have questions about Rabies? Check out their site at Rabies Alliance.Org for more information.   Live in Newton County? Remember, ALL CATS AND DOGS are required to be vaccinated annually (365 days)! Is your pet overdue on their vaccinations? Give us a call today at 770-786-2193 to set up your pet’s appointment.

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